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Every person is presumed innocent and entitled to the best attorney that will listen, not judge. Mr. Nickels has the experience and knows the law to defend you as best as possible. Call Mr. DUI for a FREE consultation!

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Sometimes people do not seek the guidance of an attorney for fear that doing so would be too expensive and complicated. During that first free meeting you will find out if your problem requires the assistance of an attorney and what I can do to help. Fees and costs are discussed up front.

When in these types of situations, you need someone on your side.

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Mr. DUI has extensive experience in the area of DUI cases, which gives our clients more broad-based, knowledgeable representation for their cases. When you choose an expert in a specific field, you get someone that knows every detail in-and-out, that is optimized to get you the best results!

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A DUI charge can cost you your license, job, or more! Make sure you have the best defense. It is possible to beat a DUI charge!

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When you enter my office you will know that our staff members and myself will genuinely care about you and your legal concerns. If I cannot give your case the attention it deserves I will tell you up-front. I do not take cases unless I can devote the resources necessary to attend to them properly.

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Mr. Nickels is not in business to encourage drunk driving. In fact, he is an advocate for sober driving. He is, in business to defend people, and has a strong record of his success in doing just that!

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It is not illegal for adults to drink and drive in Mississippi.

You are not required by law to take any so-called field sobriety tests. You are also not required to take any breath tests.

You do not have to tell the officer if you have been drinking.

You should always ask to speak with your attorney prior to being tested on the intoxilier – it may be in your best interest to refuse the test.

Based on the 14th amendment of the U.S. constitution and the state’s constitution, citizens are protected from unreasonable search and seizure to include, but not limited to, your vehicle. If you do consent to the search, then anything they find during that search can be used against you.

For an adult, a BAC over .08 will likely result in one facing charges for a DUI. For a minor the limit is a .02 BAC. Drivers of commercial vehicles have a limit of .04 BAC. Penalties for conviction include suspension of your license. The length of that suspension depends on the specific facts of your case.

You have a right to legal counsel. The best defense to a DUI is to have an experienced DUI attorney representing you every step of the way acting as your advocate.

DUIs have aspects that are extremely time-sensitive and urgent. The best thing to do is find the right lawyer ASAP who can request a DMV hearing immediately. The right attorney will make sure the DMV doesn’t suspend a person’s driver’s license until there has been a hearing to challenge the case and until all defenses have been put forth.